Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Last Leg

The last leg of the journey is often the toughest one. It's when often we run out of steam or we simply feel as if we cannot soldier on-but soldier on we must if we want to achieve our goals. It's when we hit the wall and know we still have a ways to go. Perhaps in the past we would have given up more easily, but given our new-found strength and perspective, the final stretch doesn't appear to be so insurmountable. Here's to completing goals, finishing the last leg and reveling in our achievements.

What Would You Do?

What if we could go back in time-let's say-15 years ago and talk to ourselves at that particular time in our lives. What would we say? Would we discuss all the awesome experiences, the heartache, the elation, the disappointments, the opportunities? Would we offer counsel in anticipation of what to come? What would our younger selves think of the lives we opted to live and where we decided to go? Would the meeting itself irrevocably change the course of history? There are so many possibilities in these kinds of meetings and although they do not appear to be physically possible given our understanding of time, what if that understanding is wrong and we can receive future messages or send one back in time? Oh the possibilities!

Expression Through Art

Expression through art is an amazing thing. It can be a great creative outlet for those of us who enjoy creativity or a stumbling block for those who do not consider ourselves creative at all. But-perhaps our definition of creativity needs to change. Some of us create in ways that are not typically seen as overly creative. We may improve something we already use everyday or make modifications to a routine. Is this not being creative? It's certainly demonstrating creative/innovative thinking/doing. There are all kinds of ways we can be creative. With our technology. With our meals. With our activities. With our hobbies. There is no limit to what is possible in the expression of art. Remember, art can be found in the most unlikely of places.


Sometimes our opinions can get us into a wee bit of trouble. Other times, they can get us into a whole heap of trouble. The important thing is to be well-informed, flexible and understand that not everyone will agree with us. In fact, we may end up getting into some serious debates with some of the people we love most of all. Just understand that our opinions are not who we are-they are just our beliefs-and likely highly dependent on our environment, what we choose to read/watch and the people we associate with. Keep it all in perspective and respectful of other.


When we believe in something, truly believe in something, we can accomplish whatever we set our mind to. Whatever the goal is. Unbending intent will get us the result that we so desire. If we work smart and hard we can achieve great things. It is this tireless determination toward an end result that keeps us striving and growing into the kind of person we want to be.

Maya Angelou

One of the greatest poets and teachers of the past century or so was a phenomenal woman by the name of Maya Angelou. Her compassion, humanitarianism and love for teaching and learning made her one of the most amazing women we've had the privilage to enjoy at this time in history. Though she has passed away, her words will remain with us for years to come and will likely only gain poinancy. Here's to a true gem of a person.

The Spiritual Toolbox

In life, we benefit from having tools to cope with various situations we find ourselves in. Particularly challenging situations where there is no clear direction outlined for us. It is during these times we must go to our spiritual toolbox-kind of like a spiritual first aid kit-to find our way or to self-sooth. Common tools we can use to navigate these difficult times are prayer, meditation, writing/art, cooking/healthy food, essential oils, music, yoga/tai chi, smudging, rocks and/or a good book. There can be countless other elements in this toolbox, but each should have a positive impact on your spiritual health. Here's to ensuring a full toolbox and supports as you go through the transitions of life.

Making Adult Decisions

Sometimes it's a good thing to let your inner child out to play-and sometimes they just shouldn't be in charge. In fact-they can come out to play, but they should not be in charge of making grown-up decisions. They don't do a great job of it. The wonder and excitement they bring is certainly welcome, but sometimes adult decisions need to be made and the inner child needs to be kept quiet. Here's to putting away childish things for a time in order to make more-informed grown-up decisions.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The people we meet in life become mirrors for us. Sometimes reflecting back the beauty in ourselves and sometimes reflecting back the parts of ourselves that make us feel ugly or ashamed. It is those people that can be the greatest gifts for our development and growth as people on a journey of self-discovery and love. It's in these spaces that we see the way we treat ourselves in the way we treat others. Really, when we get angry at another's behavior, it's a part of ourselves that we deny and would prefer to shove under the rug. These people that push our buttons help us see the parts of ourselves that we may need to work on. They provide a mirror for us, reflecting back all the beauty we can not see.

Teachers as Life-Long Learners

When we teach someone something new, a part of us awakens to new learning. In teaching others the knowledge we've acquired, and in having that knowledge examined and questioned consistently keeps us on our toes and helps create in a teacher a passion for life-long learning and constant inquiry. It's this thirst for knowledge and desire to share information that make teachers pretty special people. Here's to learning from everyone everywhere.